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Halo has been specifically designed by a carpenter to make installation of windows and doors a breeze. 

This breakthrough innovation is not only the HIA Invention of the year but will also cut window installation on average 40%.

The Halo system has not only been designed to meet the requirements of modern building systems but also proven to provide higher water penetration resistance than traditional methods. With it’s light weight construction, Halo is the only solution of it’s kind available that effectively seals the interface between the window and adjoining wall in one seamless technology.

Halo Aquashield has completely redesigned the way that windows and doors are installed by forming a continuous seal around the opening.  Installing Halo with provide you with the following benefits:

  • 7 Year Warranty – see brochure for more details
  • Fully integrated window/door flashing 
  • Improved moisture management 
  • reduces air infiltration = Improved energy performance 
  • Improved finish to window surrounds, dramatically cuts down on installation times