Screens for cars, buses, trucks and caravans


Living in the tropical north has many lifestyle advantages but getting into a hot car in summer is not one of them.

We’ve all been tempted to leave the windows down a little to take the temperature down from “blast furnace” to merely “hot oven”.

Did you know it’s illegal to leave your window down more than 5mm when you are 3 metres or more away from your locked car.


5mm….What’s the point?


How much cooler would it be if you could leave the windows half open to let all that pent up heat escape and have you car fully secure?

In our homes, the ideal solution is to leave the windows open and install a security screen to allow airflow while keeping the bugs and intruders out.


Imagine if you could do the same to your car, bus, caravan, motorhome or even your big rig?

Well now you can.  

They are called “Stopum Vehicle Barrier Screens” and you can get them right here at Townsville Windows and Screens.


The’re sleek, stylish and most of all secure.  

There’s a screen for every make and model of vehicle so your sauna car is a thing of the past.

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Find more info on screens for cars, buses & caravans on the Stopum webpage here.


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